HelloTalk is an amazing app for finding language exchange partnars


It is necessary to speak a lot to master foreign languages. But taking language lessons costs money and the lessons’ time is limited. So it is the best way to make foreign friends to master their languages.

HelloTalk is a language exchange app widely used in all over world. You can find language exchange partners in this app for free. I found some partners there.

To be Language partners mean that teaching their native languages each other. For example, I have American partner who teaches me English. I teach him Japanese. Users write the languages which they can speak and want to learn on their profiles. They can call and chat on this app. And they can post sentences in their learning languages, then someone  correct the mistakes.

The number of users is over 13 million. Japanese users accounts for 13% of entire users. Some of my friends recommended to me to use this app. I also recommend it to you.


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