The differences about teaching methods of English between Japan and Germany

learning English at school

Many Japanese people are struggling to master English.

They usually have learned English for over 6 years through junior high school to high school.

But many of them don’t speak English as properly as they should.


I interviewed a German YouTuber who speaks 3 languages including English and Japanese on my YouTube channel.

We were talking about the differences about teaching methods of English between Japan and Germany.


There is a big difference between the two.


In Germany, teachers instruct English in English.

Teachers don’t use German and students are expected to reply to teachers in English.

Thus, there are many opportunities to speak English.


In Japan, on the other hand, teachers instruct English in JAPANESE.


The German YouTuber who I had the opportunity to interview shared her experience with me.

When she was a high-school student in Japan, an English teacher wrote English on a blackboard and explained it in Japanese.

The German student understood what was written on the blackboard, but she couldn’t understand what the teacher was saying.

It is a typical teaching method of English in Japan.

So there are only a few opportunities to listen and speak English at school in Japan.


From this difficult experience that she went through, she is now able to recommend giving students more opportunities to speak English by doing group work or something in English classes.


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    July 15, 2020

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      July 15, 2020

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