How to start consulting services?

consulting service

Consulting service is the simplest product for information business as written in the previous article.

How to make your own products?

If you have something that you are good at, you can start it right now.

For example, skills such as languages, digital marketing, communication, sales, sport, makeup, diet, anything is OK as long as there is a demand.

You can propose the services to prospective customers.

But they might not trust you especially if you don’t have experience on providing consulting services.

Then, I recommend that you provide trial service to them for free.

If you get good reputation from them, you introduce it on your website or SNS as testimonials.

It can attract new customers.

So you had better ask trial customers to write recommendations about your services if they are satisfied.

You can increase the price of your services gradually.

You don’t have to worry about the market price. You can decide the price by your judgement.

And you should have an attitude to be a partner with your customers.

You shouldn’t be an arrogant.

You have to do your best to do what you can for the customers’ success.

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