Provide Front-End and Back-End Products to Maximize your Profit

expensive product

Selling your products at a high price is necessary for small businesses to earn money efficiently as I explained in this article.

Small profits and quick returns are the worst pricing strategy for small business

But it is difficult to sell expensive products to new customers at first.

Because they don’t know very much about you. So they would be anxious about losing money.

At first, you have to get the customers’ trust.

To do so, you use front-end products.

Front-end products are like trial products. They are low prices. So customers can easily buy them.

If the customers are satisfied with the trial products, they want to buy your main products.

Your main products should be sold at a high price.

Main products are back-end products.

They bring you most of the profit from your business.

For example, you sell 2 hours consulting service for $200 to new customers. If they are satisfied with your service, you sell 1 year consulting service for $10,000 to them.

You should use this Front-end and Back-end marketing to maximize your profit.

This is a typical marketing method to sell high-priced products.

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