An Acquisition of Repeat Customers Is Important For Stable Business

repeat customers

Many business owners want to make their own businesses stable.

That is an obvious thing.

No one want to be unstable like, “Oh! I can’t earn money at all in this month even if I earned $3,000 last month. I can’t pay my rent this month.”

It’s risky.

So you need to make system such that gives you regular income.

If you have a lot of repeat customers, you don’t need to feel uneasy about paying your rent every month.

If you don’t have repeat customers, your business is very unstable.

Because you have to acquire new customers always.

It is more difficult to sell products to new customers than to existing customers.

You have to find prospective customers and to be trusted by them.

However, in the case of existing customers, you don’t have to find new prospects, nor do you have to build trust with them from scratch.


They know you well.

So they easily buy your new products again if they are satisfied with your past products.

Repeat customers bring you regular incomes.



Then, how to increase repeat customers?

The key factor is customer satisfaction.

I will explain it in the next article.

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