Don’t sell yourself short. The Pricing Strategies Decide Your Incomes.

sell for a high price

As I explained in the previous article, you had better have your own products if you want to increase profit.

Have your own product if you want to increase your income sharply


Then, you may not decide the price of your product.

It is common problem that you cannot decide the price.

Because you may think “Is it too expensive if I set this price?”

Many sellers tend to sell themselves cheep.

They are not confident to sell at a high price.

They believe a myth that products are not sold if they are expensive.

It’s not true.

If you tell the product value to the customers properly, they would buy the products.

And they also believe another myth that higher pricing decrease customer satisfaction.


If the product is good, the customer would be satisfied.

It doesn’t matter how much the product is.

In an extreme example, customers sometimes complain to the thing that is free of charge.

You can confirm it by checking famous YouTubers’ comment sections.

You can watch YouTube videos for free.

But some viewers complain even it is free of charge.

What’s important is not price but quality.

So, if you have confidence in quality of your products, you should sell for a high price.

It makes your business profitable.

If you sell at half the price, your sales become half.

A bargain sale damages your business.

It is not bad thing that you sell for a high price.

Don’t sell yourself short.

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