Have your own product if you want to increase your income sharply

own product

I have explained affiliate marketing in the past articles.

Affiliate marketing is easy way to earn money for beginners.

Because you don’t have to have your own products.

You just introduce other companies’ products on your media, and you can get success rewards.

It’s very simple and you don’t have to have responsibility for maintaining the products.


On the other hand, it is burdensome to make your own products.

You have to develop the products.

You need to have 100% responsibility for the products.

If your customer complain about the products, you have to deal with the problem.


But the sales are 100% yours.

It’s so profitable business model.

The profit of Affiliate marketing is 1% to 50% usually.

Why the sellers use affiliate earners even if they pay much success rewards?

It’s because to be sellers who have own products is more profitable than to be affiliate earners.

Affiliate earners work diligently for making sellers richer.


I recommend to start affiliate marketing at first.

But after that, you should have your own products if you want to earn more money.

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