How to Find a Business Partner


Collaboration with like-minded people can be very helpful to your business as I explained in the previous article.

Collaboration with like-minded people can bring about rapid growth of your business

But you might wander how to find the partners.


Many people struggle with finding the right partners.


So I will introduce 5 ways to find partners.


First, attend parties.

There are many parties which entrepreneurs or marketers attend.

You can find good partners in such parties.


Second, attend seminars.

You can also find the right people by attending seminars.

There could be get-together meeting after the seminar.

That is a good opportunity to make friends.


Third, send message on theĀ internet.

You could find many YouTubers, bloggers, twitterers, Instagramers on the internet.

Then, you can send message to them to collaborate.

Some of them might ignore your messages, but others might reply.


Fourth, take part in online communities like facebook groups, online forums, etc.


Fifth, be introduced by an acquaintance.

Your acquaintances or friends might know the right person.

With their recommendations about you, that makes it much easier.

So it is good to ask your friends to introduce someone for you.

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