It might need a half year to make money by digital marketing

It needs time

If you start digital marketing from a beginning, you have to get prepared to take a risk that you might not make any money for the first half-year. There are lots of processes to make money, which are creating a concept, writing a blog, posting on SNS, making products, create videos, communicating with prospectives, etc. It needs time to do these, especially if you are a beginner.

Many people give up business before making money. Because it is stressful to keep creating content without income for a long time. They might think it is impossible to earn money on their media.

But you should continue doing business at least a half year. To increase visitors to your website by SEO, it needs 3 months at least for being evaluated by Google. SNS such as Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube also needs time to get many followers. You shouldn’t think that you could easily earn money for only one month or two. You should think on a long-term basis.

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