Don’t be afraid of making mistakes to do business

making mistakes

Many people, especially Japanese, are afraid of making mistakes too much. But if you do business or something other things such as sports, making friends, and learning skills, you shouldn’t fear failure so much. Because people learn by mistakes. You cannot be successful without making mistakes.

I have made many failures such as losing customers, cooperating fake partners, writing terrible email magazines, etc. But I learned many things by these experiences. Then, I have been improving my business skill and products gradually even now. One of the reasons for my having done well in business is that I tried a lot.

On the other hand, many people tend to avoid failures. They have too much pride. So, they don’t want to be thought of as unsuccessful people by others. They are worried about other people’s opinions. But in fact, others don’t care about you so much. Swallow your pride, accept humiliation. Then, you can improve your imperfections.

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