Hedge the risk by decentralizing the ways of attracting customers

hedge the risk

There are many ways of attracting customers such as SEO, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, advertising, the introduction of an acquaintance, etc.

It is risky to depend on only one way of attracting customers.

The way could be unable to function suddenly.

Google might change its algorithm about the search engine without notice.

It happened many times actually.

Then, many affiliate marketers were severely damaged by the events.

Your SNS accounts could be suspended abruptly. Even popular influencers’ SNS accounts were suspended sometimes.

Your advertising could be stopped by Google or Yahoo.

Your acquaintance could quit collaboration with you.


Then, if you use only one way to attract customers, you would not get new customers.

It means deathblow to your business.


So, you had better use many ways to attract customers.

You should hedge the risk.


There is a famous proverb in investment.

”Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

The same is true of digital marketing.


You can control the risk by using multiple media.

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