Closing technique is necessary to sell high-priced products


To be a successful small business owner, you had better sell high-priced products as I explained in this article.

Small profits and quick returns are the worst pricing strategy for small business

But you would think it is difficult to sell such expensive products.

These products are like consulting services for example.

Their prices are over $3,000 usually.

It is difficult to sell them only online.

You had better use face-to-face or telephone closing.

Because the prospective customers would easily trust you by talking to you.

I’ll introduce the tips for closing.

Unskilled salespersons tend to just talk and don’t listen the prospects ideas.

They just push, push, push…

It’s nonsense.

The prospects see through that the salesperson just wants to sell.

On the other hand, skillful salespeople listen and understand the prospects.

They make the prospects talk and draw out their true opinions.

Then the prospects trust them.

It makes easy to sell products.

So you should be a sympathizer of the prospects.

You shouldn’t be regarded as just a salesperson.

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