Lame people blame people

blame people

Some people blame their failures on other people, they don’t reflect upon their mistakes. On the other hand, successful people seldom blame others, and instead, this kind of people take 100% responsibility for their lives. They are able to cope with failure, and therefore, they can improve themselves and do better next time. I think this is one of the essential habits to become a successful person.

If you always blame others for your own misfortune, do you really think you’d be able to change your situation?

Your own misfortune might not be your fault. But it can’t be helped, so it would be better for you to keep a positive attitude. Then, people will eventually get closer to you.

For example, I had some bad customers who have an irresponsible attitude before. Nonetheless, I cannot change their behavior, but I can change my own attitude when dealing with them, and attract new customers.

From my experience, it is much more difficult to change others than yourself. You can change your own disposition towards problems, and automatically the results will change.

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