Self-investment is more efficient than real investment if you don’t have over $300,000


Many people are interested in investment. They thought it is easy to make a profit by investing money on something such as stocks, mutual funds, foreign currencies, and real estate. If you have a lot of money, it is efficient to increase your asset by investing. Most the rich people have invested money. But if you don’t have enough money, you would better to invest in yourself to increase your money.

Generally, Return on Investment (ROI) is 3 to 8 % by investing. Let’s suppose its 5%. If you invest $100,000, the return is $5,000 a year. You cannot make a living by $5,000 a year. But if you use the same money to learn new skills, your earnings could be large. The skills are copywriting, marketing, public speech, or closing, for example. It could be more efficient than doing investment.

After accumulating assets to some extent by using such skills, then you could do investing. I think it is a better way to be rich. I will do that too.

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