Is it true that being employed is stable and starting up a business is risky?

It is often said that Japanese people are conservative and avoidant of financial risks. Therefore, they rarely start up a business, and instead, they continue working for their companies until retirement. If an employee says he wants to quit a company and launch a business, he is likely to be opposed to that idea by his colleagues, bosses, friends, and parents. Because they think it is risky.

However, is it true that being employed is always more stable than starting up a business? I think it depends on the situation. Employees might be fired because of a downturn in business, and even big companies might go bankrupt. There is no way to tell what will happen in the future. Who could have imagined what’s happening in the world today, such as the COVID-19 pandemic? One of my friends who had worked at a big travel agency was fired because of the damage caused by the economic recession this year. The world could change significantly in the coming decade. As human beings, we cannot live without adapting to changes in the environment.

In my opinion, having the ability to make money in any situation is more stable than being dependent on a company in the long run. You can acquire the skills to earn money by the experience of conducting a business or being a freelancer. The reason is that you always have to think about sales if you have your own business. Once you do, you would be sensitive to changes in your own industry’s environment. Ultimately, you will be able to improve adaptability and thereby your life will be stable financially.

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