Don’t blindly believe the old news media


The coronavirus pandemic caused chaos worldwide. News media have spurred it. They have been inspiring with fear among people. Why do they do that? Because it is a good way for them to get viewers and sell newspapers and magazines more.

In Japan, there are some exclusive old media such as TV stations and newspapers. They are protected by regulations. So, a new entry is very difficult in this industry. Therefore, their management cultures tend to become obsolete. As a consequence, many young people don’t watch the media. Instead, they watch new media such as YouTube, SNS, and blogs. In general, most viewers of the old media are elderly people. Because it is difficult for them to adapt to the new media.

For this reason, the old media struggle with getting new viewers and subscribers. Then, they are prone to broadcast news radically. The easiest way to do that is to inspire people’s fear. It is an effective way not to make viewers bored. Thus, I want to say not to swallow the old news media. They don’t report news in good faith. They just want to attract people’s attention.

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