How to motivate yourself to write a blog every day


Many people want to earn money by writing a blog nowadays. But most of them give up writing a blog before making a profit. One of the major reasons for this is losing motivation. If you are an employee, it is not a difficult thing to go to the office and work every weekday. Because if you wouldn’t do it, your boss would be angry or your salary would decrease. On the other hand, nobody cares about you even if you wouldn’t write a blog. Writing a blog is 100% your own responsibility.

Humans are naturally lazy. They tend to avoid burdensome things. Therefore, it needs a motive to continue writing a blog.

I have been writing this blog in English every day for 82 days. This is because I report my work and declare to write a blog in my community every day. It becomes a good motive to keep at it. The Principle of Commitment and Consistency which is a famous psychological technique is utilized for these daily actions. It works well in my experience. So I recommend reporting your task and declaring what you want to achieve to someone.

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